Labour activists, trade unions from across the globe support B’desh RMG workers

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01-February-2019  |  2 mins read

RMG Workers Bangladesh
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Labour activists and trade union members from across the globe are reportedly holding demonstrations in front of Bangladeshi embassies and consulates to show their solidarity with the garment workers of Bangladesh.

“Through this week of global solidarity action, activists, unionists and consumers are calling for living wages, safe factories, and a halt to repression against garment workers in Bangladesh. Global concern for garment workers’ rights is mounting after the violent responses to recent wage-related protests, in addition to the protracted court proceedings around the Accord on Fire and Building Safety in Bangladesh, which threaten essential progress in the field of factory safety…,” maintained a press release issued by Clean Clothes Campaign.

The release further underlined that severe repression of workers was still ongoing. Factory managers have fired over one thousand workers for participation in the protests. Dozens of workers, including union representatives have been arrested and now face trumped-up charges that could lead to lengthy prison sentences, including life imprisonment.

“The fact remains that, even after recent amendments, workers in Bangladesh still earn poverty wages. The Government of Bangladesh is undertaking to intimidate workers and squelch any attempt of workers to organise. Workers have the fundamental right to demonstrate and strike for decent wages and should be able to do so, free from repression. Clean Clothes Campaign urges the Government of Bangladesh to respect workers’ rights to peaceful assembly and demonstration, to release all workers and union representatives that were arrested and to drop charges related to the demonstrations.” – Ben Vanpeperstraete of Clean Clothes Campaign

It may be mentioned here that Bangladesh has recently witnessed prolonged workers’ agitation protesting against what the workers alleged discrepancy in minimum wage structure.

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