‘Building relations of trust for bigger business’ – the growth mantra at Vendee Vow International

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29-January-2019  |  7 mins read

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With a tag line that reads – ‘We deliver your trust on time’ – the two-year old buying office Vendee Vow International (VVI) has grown profoundly under the dynamic leadership of its Founder Chairman and Managing Director, Nasif Fahad, to become a name to be reckoned with in generating business for the Bangladesh garment industry. The young foreign-educated MD reflects a strong purpose that has driven this new company on to the path of success. “We do not represent the buyer… we are the buyer and what we offer to our customers is minimum price, best quality and on-time delivery,” says Fahad, clearly defining the ethos that the company lives by.

Having eight years of industry exposure performing as a board member with many companies, Fahad carries the relevant experience and expertise to understand both the buying and manufacturing side of the business, which gives him a definite edge over others. Fahad is also taking a step ahead to establish his own manufacturing unit for different styles and RMG products to ensure that the best services are provided to all the current and future apparel customers. But individually understanding the dynamics of buying and sourcing is not enough, so each employee of the company is trained to meet the global standards of the business. Significantly, the staff at ‘VVI’ are local talents that have been groomed by Fahad to service clients right from interpreting their needs, to speaking their language, both literally and figuratively, to further ensuring that all parameters promised are fulfilled to the last ‘T’.

Nasif Fahad
Nasif Fahad, Founder Chairman and Managing Director, Vendee Vow International

All this at a time when Bangladesh is going through an interesting phase, with cost of production increasing, does not make Fahad see this as a challenge. “We are supporting our vendors to deliver at the lowest possible rate. Afterall that is what buyers expect from Bangladesh and if we cannot deliver, they may move to other destinations,” he argues. His logic is not ill-founded and that is why VVI has taken upon itself to work closely with the vendor to the extent that even creating samples and getting them approved is taken care of by the buying office, which also includes the expenses involved. “I have spent over US $ 25,000 in the last two years only on sampling for the new customers to help them catch up with the market for certain products,” shares Fahad, which speaks highly of his organisation’s ethics.

Interestingly, even the LC is made in the name of VVI and all risks are undertaken by the company and not the vendors. “It is not only about placing an order or accepting the order, but creating a relationship that is long-term and comes from the standpoint of never failing to deliver as promised. For buyers, it is my consistency of 100 per cent delivery on time, sometimes even before time that talks, while for vendors, it is the commitment to give regular business throughout the year,” says Fahad.

There’s no denying that the unique way of working at VVI has given them a loyal buyer base of well-established importers from countries like Germany, Denmark, Portugal, France and many more. As of now, the company is interested to work only in the European and Asian market. In Asia, Fahad finds India as the biggest platform since the buyers are more committed and are also ready to pay a better price for quality services. “US importers, except those working with big brands and retailers, are not very straight forward and if anything goes wrong within their country, even to the slightest extent, they cancel their orders on this pretext. In Europe, a promise is made to be kept and we are looking to grow with this set of buyers,” avers VVI’s Chairman, who also shares that the vision of the company is to have at least 100 buyers in their customer portfolio in the next 10 years!

This strong vision is backed by resolve and action on ground-level. “We have created flexibility in our vendor base that allows us to service both huge runs and smaller quantities, so different buyers can be serviced with equal competency. Besides that, we are always looking to introduce new product categories in the country, so we never say no to a potential order,” shares Fahad. The confidence that Fahad has in his skills and team, is a result of the success that the company has seen in such a short time already shipping out a wide product profile for men, women and children. As he states confidently, “Product is not a problem, we can do any product and this is possible due to my extensive network in the industry that allows me to work with the best factories in the country.” Within a short period of time, VVI has exported products worth US $ 6 million over Europe for many big brands and retailers.

Though a new player in the market, Fahad has already created a buzz with VVI and is willing to walk an extra mile to remain true to his tag line. While generating more business for the country, VVI is looking to attain customer satisfaction by delivering nothing but the best, by means of utilising the highest quality of resources and world-class systems, all monitored and assured by commitment to the final goal of customer satisfaction. This progressive vision is the guiding force that is propelling the company forward and the enthusiastic team guided by the leader is all geared to continue their march towards being one of the most important buying offices of Bangladesh.

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