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Print Direction S/S ’17

Whether you prefer the classics like the stripes or florals or more experimentative prints such as abstract and ...

2 years ago  |  8 mins read

Key accessory trends: Spring/Summer 2017

As the Spring/Summer 2017 shows are well underway, clear trend stories have already surfaced to steer the direction ...

2 years ago  |  6 mins read

S/S ’17 Trends: Paris and Milan

The catwalks of Milan and Paris round up the final trends for the coming spring season. Just when ...

2 years ago  |  6 mins read

Spring/Summer 2017 Bodywear Trends

Every summer witnesses silhouettes which are true to the essence of that particular year, and following the same ...

2 years ago  |  8 mins read

Top 5 Metal Details for S/S ’17 Collections!

After settling fall 2016 collections, it is that time of the year when exporters and designers are now ...

2 years ago  |  9 mins read

Playful embellishments spice up collections for fall

Embellishments are apparently playful for fall 2016. The cutest and most naive forms that one can imagine are ...

2 years ago  |  8 mins read

New York & London Runways: A/W ’16 Trends

2 years ago  |  less than 1 min read

Menswear A/W ’16-17 Trends

2 years ago  |  4 mins read

Creating waves on the Runways!

2 years ago  |  8 mins read

S/S ’16 Embracing unconventional fabrics!

2 years ago  |  10 mins read