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Shima Seiki setting industry benchmark with SVR123SP

Japanese flat knitting machine manufacturer Shima Seiki – leading the industry with its pioneering WHOLEGARMENT® technology capable of...

2 years ago  |  6 mins read

Is Vietnam heading towards greater automation?

The Vietnam industry is moving to imbibe greater automation, compelling machine manufacturers to beeline for the country hoping ...

2 years ago  |  10 mins read

Bringing Value by Quality Printing, DCC launches its ‘Xperience Zone’ in Dhaka

The exclusive ‘Xperience Zone’ created by Dhaval Colour Chem (DCC) in Dhaka recently is much more than a ...

2 years ago  |  10 mins read

Apparel industry, the root of all expansions and diversifications at Aamra

As much clichéd as it may sound, ‘the power of WE’ is truly a part of the corporate ...

2 years ago  |  10 mins read

Lectra: Establishing its presence in Vietnam

“Lectra’s DNA has been to directly manage the business, but south-east Asia was an exception, owing to the ...

2 years ago  |  9 mins read

Automatic Button Wrapping in Garments in Just 19 Seconds

Button Wrapping involves wrapping the ‘stem’ created by the strands of the thread to provide strength and stability ...

2 years ago  |  14 mins read