Delhi: Buying Agency Focusing on Diversification and Strong Relations for Business Growth

by Apparel Resources

23-April-2017  |  2 mins read

Buying Services

Threads Incorporation Buying Services, a Delhi-based buying agency, dealing primarily in ladieswear and kids segment, is now planning to expand its product range and aiming to introduce home furnishings and hard goods. The buying agency, established in 2004, is catering to the European market majorly and also eyeing on the US to grow its footprints further in the industry. Amit Vohra, President, Threads Incorporation Buying Services informed Apparel Online, “We are targeting home furnishings in order to achieve further growth and development of our organization. Therefore, adding new product categories is a must. In near future, we may start gents section also.” He further added that a buying agency should be perfect in every aspect, only then it can get better opportunities: the right kind of sourcing, suppliers and buyers and the correct staff to take care of that product range. “We always believe to give something extra to our buyers, be it in the form of products, styles, services, prices, and also these can be types of communication processes which we do with our buyers. It is applicable for both, to gain new buyers and to retain the existing buyers too,” adds Amit.

Amit is also quite particular about the information which his company passes to its buyers. “Lots of buyers always have complains about the Indian suppliers that they don’t provide correct information regarding the products and services, and in our organization, we are very much committed towards right and authentic information and services to our buyers, which creates a long term trust and relation between us,” he highlighted. The company is working with all kinds of buyers, like retailers, wholesalers and boutique buyers. It creates its own collections by travelling to overseas markets and picking up new styles and inspiration from them and then asking its suppliers to make samples as per their recommendations.

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