Sewing machine pioneer Hikari helps Bangladesh apparel industry grow via its high-tech solutions

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27-March-2018  |  4 mins read

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Bangladesh RMG factories are facing a lot of pressure nowadays from buyers. Hiking labour costs are adding up to this pressure. It is high time they need to change. Our machines are different from others with a focus on new technology,” said Xiaofang Liu, Sales Manager, Hikari. Hikari is a Taiwanese origin, China-based sewing machinery provider that offers computerized overlock machines.

With a strong presence in Chittagong through its agent Orient International from last 7 years, Hikari has captured about 90% of the Chittagong market. Its clientele base includes names like Azim Group, Liz Fashion, Cliption Group, Four H Group, Hela, Nassa Group, Univogue, Micro Faber, Smart Jacket, and more.

“We have sold 35,000 overlock machines till now in Chittagong,” informed S. M. Nazim Uddin (Tipu), CEO, Orient International. With 40 people in their technical team, the company provides after-sales service to its customers imbibing a feeling of trust in them.

Xiaofang Liu (C), Sales Manager, Hikari and S. M. Nazim Uddin (Tipu) (R), CEO, Orient International with their colleague

In a transformational wave, where it will be difficult for factories to survive and exist in conventional way, it is a necessity to adopt new technologies. The adoption of automation will not only help them to improve productivity and quality but also reduce labour cost.

In order to support this, Hikari is offering the world’s first computerized super high speed overlock machine – HX6814. Equipped with patented intelligent design technology along with a super high speed mechanical structure, the machine can help increase efficiency by 30%. It runs at a speed of 8,000 RPM. “Usual overlock machines only reach up to a speed of 5,000-6,000 RPM,” shared Tipu.

HX6814, the super high speed overlock machine, has the intelligent sensor technology which allows for automatic trimming. About 50% of thread wastage can be reduced with this machine.

Drifting away from the clutch motors, the machine uses direct-drive servo motor that helps significant percentage of energy to be saved. Servo motor only consumes electricity while sewing, but it does not consume electricity when in idle position. About 66.6% electricity can be saved with the help of Hikari computerized overlock machine.

“The intelligent sensor technology allows for automatic trimming and adjustment of air suction. About 50% of thread wastage can be reduced and 75% of air can be saved with HX6814,” says Liu.

Hikari has also addressed the problem of unclean environment caused due to leftover wastage after trimming with a self-developed waste collecting system. This system automatically collects the waste generated keeping the floor area clean and operators safe.

Liu also shares that Hikari only offers high quality machines and every machine has a new technology. “We are only a Chinese sewing machine brand using the same spare parts as used by Japanese,” says Liu.

Recently, the company collaborated with BGMEA to provide training to mid-level management.

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