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18-March-2018  |  3 mins read

Image Courtesy: Jack Bangladesh

Sewing machine is the most important and crucial equipment of any apparel manufacturing facility. The right sewing machine can be the game changer with its significant impact on productivity, efficiency and quality. Choosing a right sewing machine with all the qualities among the various sewing machines brands available, Jack surely comes out as an appropriate choice for apparel production by many users.

M Fazle Karim (Liton), Chairman, Jack Bangladesh, who handles the Chittagong division of Jack sewing machine, avers a strong penetration of the company’s sewing machines in Chittagong. “Jack sewing machine is a perfect combination of competitive pricing and a high-quality machine,” explains Liton. The Chittagong (Bangladesh) garment industry is undergoing a situation where investing on the mandatory compliance measures leaves no room for them to spend much on new and advanced technologies. Consequently, this may result in loss of productivity. Jack is one name which is grabbing the advantage of this situation because of its automatic features and low pricing compared to others. Valiant Group and Sanmar Group are some of Jack’s clients in Chittagong.

M Fazle Karim (Liton), Chairman, Jack Bangladesh

With a wide range of single needle lockstitch, overlock and interlock machines, the highlights of the range are A5 SNLS and C4 overlock machine which have been receiving great response from Chittagong market. A5 – a semi-dry computerized lockstitch machine saves the time and cost spent in cutting remaining thread. On the other hand is C4 – a fully automatic overlock machine, which allows the operator to select from three modes available that is, full intelligent mode; semi-intelligent mode; and computerized mode. The highest speed achievable by C4 is 7,000 SPM. “It also comes with a voice guide that informs the operator of any error and also explains how the error can be resolved,” informs Liton.

Jack Bangladesh understands the needs of the country’s apparel industry, which are automation, power saving, and high productivity. “As automation is the only way to survive the competition, export-oriented apparel manufacturers seek UBT machines. Jack is providing much better quality in this segment along with controlled prices,” says Liton.

Few years back, clutch motors were used in sewing machines which consumed more electricity. Gradually, the trend shifted to servo motors which consumes less power and thus, helps in saving energy and cost. Jack sewing machines are also equipped with servo motors and can save more than 70 per cent of the electricity. Being one of the most successful players in technology segment, Jack Bangladesh Ltd. is not behind even in after-sales service. A team of 7 technicians deal with the Chittagong market. The technicians are trained by Chinese technicians. “Jack will increase its market share for sure in coming years,” concludes Liton.

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