Shima Seiki launches ‘i-Plating’ technology for diverse knit designs


02-September-2017  |  1 min read

Fabrics produced with Shima Seiki’s ‘i-Plating’ Technology

Japan-based Shima Seiki, a pioneer in computerised knitting machinery manufacturing, has unveiled a new ‘i-Plating’ technology on the select models of its knitting machines such as SVR093SP and SVR123SP.

The SVR093SP and SVR123SP machine models feature loop pressers to produce inlay patterns in order to obtain a high-quality combination of ‘knit-weave’ hybrid fabrics. The ‘i-Plating’ technology will help enhance the patterns/knit designs produced on these machines.

It is being reported that the plating technique will provide the manufacturers with expanded patterning options and higher efficiency.

The technology actually uses inverse plating method which allows the users to expand their pattern options. “i-Plating goes a step further by offering this capability within the same course and for individual needles for greater efficiency,” claims Shima Seiki.

Shima Seiki further reports that the i-Plating technique replaces the conventional plating methods and offers an inverse-plating concept.

The concept enables alternate yarns to be shown on the fabric surface in any of the specifically chosen patterns or designs. This will further produce jacquard-like patterns in plain jersey stitch, the company states.

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