Karl Mayer set to upgrade its showrooms in Germany

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29-November-2016  |  2 mins read

Karl Mayer Showroom
Image Courtesy: innovationintextiles.com

Karl Mayer Technische Textilien has been on a technical upgradation spree since May 2016, starting with upgrading a showroom in Chemnitz, Germany and will end with a showroom equipped with high-tech machines in Naila, Bavaria, Germany ready by the end of 2016. The company invested 5 million Euros in setting up the machine technology.

The showroom in Chemnitz houses weft-insertion warp knitting machines and a biaxial warp knitting machine whereas, Naila is the first showcase for multiaxial warp knitting machines. The Karl Mayer subsidiary aims to demonstrate the support of its customers with its modern showrooms, as well as establish a platform for presenting machines and increasing know-how.

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According to Hagen Lotzmann, Sales Manager, Karl Mayer, it is important for the company’s customers to see the value of any new investments, while further explaining that Karl Mayer can also carry out trials with very innovative customers and customers with new product ideas. The processing trials can show if and how the desired objectives can be achieved, and also what changes need to be made to the machine technology, in a way guiding the company according to market demands.


The new upgraded multiaxial warp knitting machines produce multiaxial textiles for applications where a high strength and rigidity for a low weight are required, that is, in the composites sector. According to the company, the machines are economical, can be operated easily, and deliver impressive, high quality products.


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