ICC International to market Chinese machine brand Runshan in India


02-September-2017  |  2 mins read

Shamsudheen Paikkadan (L), Sr. Sales Executive and Umesh Topkhanewale (R), CEO of ICC International Agencies Ltd. with Runshan’s RS-5519 series Interlock Double Jacquard Cylindrical Knitting Machine at Knit Show ’17 in Tirupur

ICC International Agencies Ltd., a Mumbai (India)-based machinery dealer, has joined hands with the Chinese circular knitting machine supplier Runshan to represent the brand in India.

This is the first time ever ICC International has collaborated with any of the Chinese brands as, so far, the company has been working with the European and Japanese machine brands only.

As part of the collaboration, ICC International recently launched Runshan’s RS-5519 series Interlock Double Jacquard Cylindrical Knitting Machine for the Indian market at the Knit Show 2017 in Tirupur.

Tirupur has seen a massive rise in demand for circular knitting machines over the years. This propelled ICC International to partner with Runshan and present its Interlock Double Jacquard Cylindrical Knitting Machine (for Indian manufacturers) at the fair.

ICC International is a known name in the Northern and Western Indian markets. The company is now targeting to capture the Southern market with the addition of Runshan machines in its offerings.

The Indian agent of Runshan machines states that the machine is fit for the Indian market as it is cost-effective compared to European and Japanese brands.

Additionally, the machine comes equipped with advanced components, processed at Runshan’s manufacturing centre in China.

Umesh Topkhanewale, CEO, ICC International, commented, “People do not have a great impression of the Chinese brand but I can assure them that Runshan provides such quality that the Indian market looks out for. The demand for jacquard machines in Tirupur will rise further in future.”

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