Esquire Knit Composite improves efficiency by 6% using Fast React Evolve

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27-July-2018  |  2 mins read

Efficiency Improvement
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Dhaka (Bangladesh)-based garment manufacturer Esquire Knit Composite Ltd. has increased its factory efficiency by 6 per cent using Fast React ERP software Evolve.

Using Evolve, the company has managed to improve control of pre-sewing processes such as capacity management and order control which results into down time reduction as well as improvement in delivery time.

Explaining about the challenges the company faces, Kamal Munasinghe, CEO, Esquire Knit Composite, stated that growing market share always comes with certain challenges such as competitiveness and complexity. “We produce approximately 1.6 million garments per month, however, our order sizes are reducing and varying between 500 to 5000 pieces,” averred Kamal adding that Esquire needed more control as well as visibility over all the operational areas.

We selected Fast React as they are experts in this area, have a local team and the Evolve solution could work well with our existing business system.”

To cope with the challenges, Esquire Knit opted for Fast React’s Evolve software. The software enables Esquire Knit to link its operations management module with sewing planning boards which are used to manage production capacities.

Fast React automatically creates proper schedules for embroidery and printing operations considering style and colour variations. This is done by using the pull system principle inbuilt in the software.

Further, the software assists the planners to have better visibility of the weekly load versus capacity in advance so that they can ensure that sewing capacity is well enough to meet the sewing demand. Moreover, the company can also check ‘Plan vs Actual’ and ‘WIP level’ on daily basis to ensure there are no last minute hassle.

Additionally, co-ordination among various departments has improved as Esquire can have real-time monitoring to all the relevant information using the software.

Indunil Mahawatte, Head of MIS, Esquire Knit Composite, commented, “By using Evolve we have now integrated planning through all our functional departments. The feeding between the embellishment units to sewing units has become much smoother. By reducing our down-time we have improved our efficiency by 6%.”

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