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10 Popular CAD solution providers

by Apparel Resources

19-May-2017  |  9 mins read

CAD SYSTEMFirst step of digitalization of operations in apparel industry was taken with the installation of CAD system. Not only the export houses, but the domestic apparel manufacturers also realized the flexibility it offers in pattern designing, grading and marking. Cutting room is poised to be the room of profits that can be generated through fabric savings. CAD is the ultimate solution that reduces waste percentage, increases quality of cutting room,  reduces sample making time and a must-have in today’s time. Team StitchWorld brings to its readers the popular 10 CAD solution providers that enable their customers to be competitive in market by ensuring speed and quality.


Tukatech is the garment and apparel industry’s leading provider of fashion technology solutions. It offers 2D pattern design software, automated marker making software, 3D fashion design software, as well as garment plotters, and automatic spreaders and cutters for production. TUKAcad offers an innovative apparel pattern design software that is perfect for manufacturers and designers of any size. Operating under Microsoft Windows, TUKAcad allows the user to accurately build patterns, grade rules and markers for single style or entire line.

Morgan Tecnica

With a tag of ‘Made in Italy’, Morgan Tecnica offers cutting room machinery, software for CAD, cut order planning, PDM and virtual fitting, automatic spreaders, spreading tables and automatic cutters. Being compatible with Windows XP to Windows 10 operating systems, pattern modification, adjustment, size grading, measurement checks and technical sheet all can be done through this software. The Pattern Design module in the software – besides the import/export facility for files in standard format (DXF, AAMA, HPGL and ISO) – also provides standard ‘converters’ to import models from other systems, by reading the native files directly from the most popular CAD programs. It also incorporates the nesting system with a particularly efficient nesting algorithm and the nesting queue management.

EFI Optitex

Committed to empowering the garment industry to stay on the leading edge of technology, EFI Optitex offers constant innovation with integrated 2D & 3D CAD/CAM solutions. O/Dev pattern making suite provided by EFI Optitex is useful CAD software in designing, grading and digitizing of pattern. This suite has no hardware lock-in and includes importing and exporting to and from all major CAD formats. Additionally, users can simplify grading with automatic and manual grading module with features such as simple notch and split parts grading, angle grading for complex shapes, alteration grading for interim sizes and variable grading for larger sizes. It also provides functions to rapidly generate digital copies of outline patterns – in seconds – with even the most complicated pieces.


Lectra, the leader in integrated technology solutions such as – software, CAD/CAM equipment, and associated services, serves major world markets: fashion and apparel, automotive, and furniture as well as a broad array of other industries (aeronautics, marine, wind power). Modaris is Lectra’s CAD offering for 2D/3D pattern making and grading solutions. Users can now reap benefits of the latest version of Modaris V8 which includes the ability to create and fine-tune products more easily for faster approval in the pre-production process, to industrialize patterns faster for a smoother assembly process, and to position and grade logos and graphics in 2D and 3D simultaneously.

Gerber Technology

The provider of integrated software and hardware solutions to more than 78,000 customers in the different industries apart from fashion & apparel, Gerber Technology offers leading-edge systems to help customers reach their optimum by maximizing productivity and minimizing errors and waste. Gerber’s CAD solution AccuMark for garment industry is proficient in pattern design, grading, marker making and production planning and with these features, it helps in increasing productivity and accelerating time to market. With 3D version of AccuMark, users can instantly make pattern changes and adjust image locations effortlessly on the virtual sample reducing physical samples manufacturing by up to 50 per cent.

Assyst – Human Solutions Gmbh

Human Solutions Group offers technologies which make development and production more efficient and at the same time provide key size and fit data for target groups, which can be seamlessly integrated into processes. With integrated CAD and PLM solutions, Human Solutions enables the simulation of apparel designs and models, provides product data and automates processes and workflows. The Group offers CAD software named Cad.Assyst with which manufacturers can create entirely different advantages in terms of speed, efficiency and cost. In Cad.Assyst, users can create the grading alterations for the relevant sizes on the correct body positions. The users can also have a 3D model with real dimensions for all graded sizes in combination with pattern – in the benchmark size. Pattern alterations are then carried out automatically, based on the 3D body.


Winda Technology Ltd. is a high technology company in the textile, apparel and leather industry, specialized in developing innovative garments, bags, footwear and furniture through CAD/CAM/ERP systems. Winda offers pattern design and garment grading solution with ‘Winda CAD System’. This software incorporates automatic functions such as automatic patterns, grading, automatic sleeve making and patch attachment. Furthermore, it also provides simplification in complicated grading process with its five grading methods. This software claims to improve efficiency up to 200 per cent as compared to manual operation.


Audaces is a leading provider of technological innovation for fashion, developing from intelligent systems to equipment for automation of garment manufacturing processes. AUDACES APPAREL is the CAD software offered by the company which is mainly used in two applications – Pattern Design and Marker Making, making the apparel production process more agile by managing the steps of pattern design, grading, marker making and plotting. It provides all operations related to pattern designs with a provision of protecting pattern files with password. Whereas, Marker Making Standard of the software automatically calculates fabric consumption resulting in concluding the operation way under the planned time.

Gemini CAD Systems

Gemini is specialized in development and implementation of technology for flexible materials processing with a strong focus on CAD and cutting room processes for fashion & apparel, furniture, interiors, automotive and aerospace industries. The company offers Gemini AutoMarker software which is an advanced solution for automatic nesting in apparel industry. It can also be used in the process of creating ready-to-print markers, by having the capability of importing and nesting shapes with textures included, from the PDF file format. By using the new Gemini Multicore automatic nesting in x9 Quad – Core Automatic Nesting, users can optimize in 1 minute a marker that before would take 4-5 minutes.

Astor Technologies

Astor Technologies is the first and only apparel CAD solution provider which is ‘Made in India’ and contributes towards fabric savings, labour productivity and speed of response to customers effectively. Astor’s ‘REDTREE’ is geared to completely automate the processes of pattern making, grading and lay marking with instant and accurate results. This software features modules for pattern digitizing, high speed pattern designing, nesting, yarn requirement estimation for the knit segment and spec sheet for data management. For the first time in the world, Astor has developed a model of generating patterns for a range of styles by just entering measurements in the software.