Danit Peleg Makes History with Ready-to-wear 3D Printed Jackets using Gerber tech

by Apparel Resources

31-July-2017  |  2 mins read

Image Courtesy: danitpeleg.com

Danit Peleg, an Israel-based fashion designer, has launched the first-ever 3D ready-to-wear garment collection using technology solutions powered by Gerber Technology.

“We are excited to help Danit bring 3D printed garments to the market and be a part of this incredible journey,” says Elizabeth King, Vice President (Digital Solutions), Gerber Technology.

The limited edition collection named ‘The Birth of Venus’ includes bomber style jackets and is now available online.

The 3D jackets have been printed on a flexible and stretchable material, which has delicate fabric lining underneath, providing maximum comfort to the wearer. The jackets were manufactured in Spain and would be shipped from Tel Aviv, Israel.

The jackets were made using Gerber’s AccuMark 3D and YouniquePLM software for 3D design modelling. The technology solutions helped Danit to streamline workflow in order to accelerate the 3D print design process. Both the companies have invested over two years in developing this garment innovation.

Danit Peleg is also offering a ‘customisation’ option to the to-be wearers by allowing them to design their own bomber jackets. Customisation will be done as per the individual’s choice for colour, lining and other elements embedded in the jackets. “The users can design it using tools on our website, we will print it for them and ship the garment to their home,” claims Danit.

This new tech-driven collection has also assisted Gerber Technology in defining the workflow of their AccuMark 3D solution.

Gerber will further benefit from the creative collaboration as its customers would better understand the capabilities of the solutions offered by the company. This will subsequently result in more advanced developments in the fashion industry.


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