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Bangladesh apparel sector might be on the brink of a major unrest

Workers from Bangladesh’s apparel sector have been agitating due to their concerns over a “discriminatory” wage hike that overlooks evaluation of merit and experience in the new pay structure.

Dec 17 18  |  Sustainability

While B’desh is still most ‘affordable’, industry feels this is not enough!

As per a JETRO survey, Bangladesh still has the lowest wage vis-à-vis its competitors but the industry believes this alone is not enough to guarantee the competitive edge.

Dec 04 18  |  Sustainability

Garment Workers

Accord’s parting shot leaves the industry ‘worried’

The Accord on Fire and Building Safety in Bangladesh is reportedly planning to severe business ties with 532 factories for poor progress in remediation, which has raised concern amongst the garment manufacturers.

Nov 19 18  |  Sustainability

The unending controversies on the issue of new minimum wage…

Labour Leaders in Bangladesh leveledallegations that Minimum Wage Board for Garment Workers has finalized its recommendations ignoring their suggestions and objections.

Nov 05 18  |  Sustainability

Buyers’ bodies Accord and Alliance set to leave by year-end, industry shares its experience

After the departure of Accord and Alliance, which is likely to happen by December this year, a Remediation Coordination Cell (RCC), overseen by the state, will carry forward the work initiated by the buyers’ bodies.

Oct 18 18  |  Sustainability

Govt regulator DIFE starts non-compliance action as Accord-Alliance exits

In the wake of the exit of Accord and Alliance, Bangladesh’s government regulator has started acting against factories which are still non-compliant despite repeated reminders.

Oct 03 18  |  Sustainability


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