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‘Building relations of trust for bigger business’ – the growth mantra at Vendee Vow International

Sharing its success mantra, Bangladesh buying house Vendee Vow International shares it works hard to build trust within the industry, for bigger businesses.

Jan 29 19  |  Sourcing

Bangladesh’s improving brand value and the RMG sector…

Bangladesh has significantly improved on its brand value to emerge 39th amongst 100 nations globally.

Dec 20 18  |  Sourcing

Ananta modifying operations & practices for business growth & viability

With changing times, one of Bangladesh’s premier denim manufacturers, Ananta, has brought in numerous changes in product offerings, markets, and management.

Oct 31 18  |  Sourcing

Strikes taking a toll on Bangladesh RMG industry!

Bangladesh’s apparel sector is facing serious challenges due to strikes called almost on a regular basis in the country.

Oct 30 18  |  Sourcing

Sky Apparels bullish on opportunities in new and non-traditional markets

Sky Apparels is very enthusiastic about opportunities in new markets, which are waiting to be tapped.

Oct 30 18  |  Sourcing

Would Bangladesh become a beneficiary of the China-US trade hostilities?

At a time when trade war between China and USA has intensified, Bangladesh is reportedly witnessing business shift from China.

Oct 24 18  |  Sourcing


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