Skinners Technologies develops breakthrough innovation in socks industry

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18-January-2017  |  1 min read

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Skinners Technologies, a US-based footwear brand, has launched a new segment of footwear named Skinners that looks like socks but claims to be worn as shoes. Skinners is a barefoot-friendly concept, which is designed to offer a portable, comfortable, protective solution for a range of activities.

Petr Prochazka, Founder of Skinners Technologies said, “It’s not a shoe, it’s not a sock. We like to call it Skinners. The product, which slips on and looks like a chunky sock, is constructed from a mix of natural and artificial fibres, including yarns with silver to stop bacteria, and rayon to help keep feet cool.”

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Heavy-duty Skinners is coated in a dual polymer waterproof plastic and features an odour-resistant Lycra infused upper that is designed to make it both comfortable and functional. Made with silver yarn, Skinners are also said to offer antibacterial properties.

The bottom material is highly abrasive resistant. Knitting is seamless and there’s no glue or any other adhesive that could fall apart in time. The company claims that no harmful toxic plasticizer is used in producing the Skinners. The footwear has undergone many tests such as broken glass test and lego test before getting into the global market.

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