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How is MIS transforming efficiency at Fatullah Apparels (Bangladesh)

Bangladesh knit-maker Fatullah Apparels is redefining efficiency and quality control with the aid of management information tools and ...

1 year ago  |  8 mins read

Kaizen korner – i synergizing printing, manufacturing & leadership

If being a great printer is like being a great chef, being a great manufacturer is like being ...

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Designing a Lean Process – II

Lean has become a key transformational buzzword in the apparel manufacturing industry. However, a lot of confusion exists ...

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Groz-Beckert Academy: Shaping the future along textile value chain

A promising and successful future equipped with required knowledge and perspectives is what one expects from technical and ...

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Smart Line Balancing to Increase Efficiency

The science and mathematics behind line balancing are always shunned by practicing managers, saying that mathematical calculations do ...

2 years ago  |  10 mins read

Tech Reads – VI

An apparel factory is a dynamic classroom. The managers must be alert as lessons flow in from all ...

2 years ago  |  4 mins read