Clariant releases ColorForward® Interiors 2018 edition

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11-January-2017  |  3 mins read

ColorForward® Interiors 2018
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Clariant, a world leader in specialty chemicals, has released ColorForward® Interiors 2018, the fifth annual trend and colour forecasting guide for the fibre and textile market.

The four trends identified in the 2018 edition reflect an over-arching feeling of sadness, fear and distrust of the conventional world-as-it-is. At the same time, however, there is a sense of resolve… a determination to endure and a cautious optimism that people can make a difference and things will get better over time.

The ColorForward 2018 trends and colours include Newmorrow, LongitudeLatitudeAttitude, Through the mirror and Nerdylicious. The Newmorrow trend theme reflects a sort of yin-yang mood among consumers. The colour palette includes a brownish green called Primordial Soup.

Dissatisfaction with conventional ways of living also stands behind the LongitudeLatitudeAttitude trend theme. The colours of LongitudeLatitudeAttitude are Bohemian. They range from a purplish fuchsia, called Nomadness, a warm, almost-orange yellow named Kaleido tribe, and grey blue called Cirrus aviaticus after the contrails of jet planes against the otherwise cloudless sky.

The third trend, Through the Mirror attempts to capture a sense of ennui – of being adrift in a modern world while, at the same time, knowing that a spiritual reawakening is possible. The yoga practice of ‘trataka’ inspires the pearl orange colour in the Through the Mirror palette.

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And lastly, the Nerdylicious trend theme sees these brainiacs finding acceptance as innovators in a complex world, with continuous curiosity and a passion for exploring new ideas and complex puzzles. Although the colors of Nerdylicious are soft and subdued, they are nevertheless the brightest and most optimistic in the 2018 palette.

Also, there are carpet samples developed in partnership with Performance Yarn business of Radici Group, Bergamo, Italy. “For the first time, we are able to show people exactly what some of the 2018 colours look like in finished form. Fabric and carpet designers always use a combination of colours and so these samples provide a bridge between the colour world and the fibres world. They make it possible for ColorWorks experts to connect more directly with our customer’s design team,” says Alessandro Pozzati, Industrial Designer, Clariant ColorWorks.

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