Styku launches body scanning app’s update

by Apparel Resources

25-February-2016  |  2 mins read

StykuCalifornia-based body scanning solution provider Styku has unveiled latest release v3.5.4 of its Styku app. Following the tremendous response the app has received last year and customer feedback, the app is now equipped with features for analysing poses and postures. The app also has a free and new set of measurements that highlight a scan subject’s posture and body symmetry. The update’s focus has been on making things easier for our customers and getting more done with less. With virtual handle bars are just as precise as real handle bars, the coloured wings zone helps a user intuitively find the right position for their arms.

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Innovations and applications in the field of have been around for 15 years, but Styku has given new dimension to the concept with solutions that are portable, simple, inexpensive, quick, accurate, intuitive, powerful and scalable. “At Styku we wanted to build something that was cost-effective and a lot more portable for an average company. Something that can be put up at stores and even in people’s homes,” avers Raj Sareen, CEO and Co-founder, Styku.

Styku’s MyBodee scanner takes 40 seconds to scan a person on a turntable and takes over a million different measurements, 50 times more data than a traditional scanner would take. Traditional scanners only scan for a few seconds and capture only a moment of time. However, a scan over only a few seconds means a customer’s recorded shape may be biased by the amount of air in their lungs while breathing or their posture, which bias measurements. Styku found that by scanning over 40 seconds, they could take 50 times more data and average the data across the body’s natural sway, inhaling and exhaling, and posture.


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