Myanmar: Government to enact the Minimum Wage Law


01-September-2015  |  1 min read

MyanmarGovernment to enact the Minimum Wage LawMyanmar’s Labour Ministry is encouraging prompt negotiations between employers and employees in Yangon’s garment factories to get a proposed figure for the national minimum wage to be submitted in the Parliament for debate and approval. The speaker of the Parliament has suggested that both the parties consider the daily wage level of 3,000 Kyats (about US $ 3) – for Government employees set by the Ministry of Finance and Revenue – as a standard for setting the minimum wage level for workers. The minimum daily wage levels ranges from 900 Kyats to 1,300 Kyats currently.

Welcoming the efforts of the Myanmar Government to enact the Minimum Wage Law, H&M also expressed concern that it has not been implemented in the past two years despite its enactment in March 2013. “In setting a minimum wage level, we advise that the Government set a uniform level across all industries in compliance with the ILO C.131 Minimum Wage Fixing Convention. If the garment industry’s wage levels are lower than other industries, it will not be able to attract and retain skilled labour force, which it needs to develop and grow into a thriving economic driver,” observed H&M’s management.


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