HIKARI – The New ‘Brand’ on the Block

by Apparel Resources

01-February-2008  |  2 mins read

Frank Wu, Manager International Business, Hikari
    Frank Wu, Manager International Business, Hikari

Shanghai Hikari Sewing Machine MFG Co., Ltd. has become a model of success among China’s new prominent industrial sewing machine manufacturers due to its professionalism. It offers integration of production, R&D, sales and services to its buyers which is the primary reason for its success in the market.

“As the requirement for cost effective technology increases, our machines are gaining worldwide acceptance as we offer quality at a reasonable price,” observed Frank Wu, Manager International Business for Hikari.

The brand may be new to the country but it has entered with a clear vision on what the industry requires and is promoting its direct drive machines, which they claim are almost the same as Juki machines but at half the price.

Among the many options that the company has on offer for the Indian market, the H8801-7C is what they feel will work the best for the country. This model is a direct drive oil free computerized high-speed lockstitch machine, which picks up stitching speed from 0 to 4000 in just 0.12 seconds as against 0.20 seconds taken by other similar machines.

The patented inserted servomotor combined with aerospace technology, high-speed startup/brake, and precise needle stop locating device makes for a very superior technology.

“The biggest advantage of the machine is the high power saving property of the servomotor, which is almost 60% compared to a common motor,” added Frank Wu.


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