Garment workers urge Govt. to refrain from hiking gas price

by Apparel Resources News-Desk

09-July-2019  |  1 min read

Bangladesh Garment Workers

Citing various probable complications that might arise due to any hike in price of gas, workers engaged in Bangladesh’s readymade garment industry have called upon the Government to refrain from doing so.

“House owners will increase room rents further if the gas or electricity bill is raised. It will be an extra burden for low-income people, especially the RMG workers. If the gas or electricity price is hiked it will be a huge burden for workers. So, we urge the Government to not increase the gas price,” maintained General Secretary of Bangladesh Progressive Garments Workers Federation Kamrun Nahar while underlining that the prices of various daily essentials witnessed a significant increase after the wages of the garment workers were increased at the end of last year.

It may be mentioned here that on 30 June, BERC increased gas price by 32.8 per cent on an average for all categories of consumers ignoring public protests. The price of per cubic metre of gas has been increased to Taka 9.80 from existing Taka 7.38 to make up for an estimated deficit of Taka 1,830 crore in fiscal 2019-20.

The BERC took the plan to meet 46 per cent of the deficit worth Taka 8,620 crore by increasing gas prices.

This hike has reportedly affected 43.10 lakh consumers including 42.81 lakh domestic consumers.

Following the hike, Consumers Association of Bangladesh has filed an application with the High Court on the issue of increased gas prices.

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