British popband Spice Girls fight for worker abuse in Bangladesh RMG factory

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24-January-2019  |  2 mins read

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The renowned British pop band the Spice Girls have reportedly taken cognisance of reported exploitation of women workers in a readymade garment factory of Bangladesh.

The singers’ group has decided to independently fund an investigation into the same, as per a Reuters report.

As per an investigation by the Guardian newspaper, women workers of a Gazipur-based garment manufacturing unit, which was manufacturing T-shirts for the pop band aimed at raising money for a campaign by British charity Comic Relief championing gender justice, earned as little as 35 pence (45 cents) an hour besides being subjected to long working hours of up to 16 hours a day besides insults and harassment.

The workers making t-shirts reportedly told the Guardian that they were forced to work overtime, made to work despite poor health, and verbally abused with insults.

According to reports, a spokesperson for the Spice Girls maintained that they were ‘deeply shocked and appalled by the claims’.

“The girls will personally fund an independent investigation into the working conditions of this factory. Equality and the movement of people power has always been at the heart of the band.” – Spice Girls spokesperson

The t-shirts commissioned by the Spice Girls and retail for about 20 pounds, were reportedly scheduled to have the slogan ‘#IWannaBeASpiceGirl’ on the front of the tops, while the phrase ‘gender justice’ printed on the back.

Spice Girls is reportedly planning to reunite for a tour of Britain this year.

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