B’desh Workers demand better pay and better working conditions on May Day

by Apparel Resources News-Desk

03-May-2019  |  1 min read

May Day Bangladesh garment workers demand better pay
Image Courtesy: thedailystar.net

Several garment and tannery workers demanded an increase in minimum wages and better working conditions on the occasion of May Day.

Over 4,000 workers, under the banner of ‘Tannery Workers Union’, gathered at Tannery Industrial Estate and demanded to pay them the minimum wage set by the Government.

Besides, the workers also demanded to increase the daily wage to Taka 80 for each temporary worker, in addition to calling for setting up a hospital at the estate, canteen in each factory and also building houses for the workers.

They said that if they had houses near the estate, it would also help them save transportation cost. Besides, some workers even complained that factories made them work for 12 hours, which was against the labour law.

The workers voiced in unison that they should be allowed to join union in accordance to labour law and International Labour Organisation. They also demanded for workplace safety, right compensation for workplace accident victims and bringing an end to sexual harassment of women workers.

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